Monday, February 18, 2013

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The Chaturbate lounge is now live. The only member to member chat network for Chaturbate. So you can chat with other members about the action while you watch the free adult webcams. without having to worry about getting banned.

So your on chaturbate watching free adult webcams. But What do you do when you see a pussy that looks like a hamburger and you want to laugh about it with the other members, but you don’t want the model to see it and ban you or silence you? Now you can safely alert members in the chaturbate lounge.6
All you have to do is click connect on the left hand side of  the featured cam and your in. Normal chat is still on the right. No account is required to chat with other members here. A free  basic account is required from chaturbate to chat with the performer on the right. However It is totally free and not even an email address or any verification process is needed.
Why i created the chaturbate chat room for members like you 
I have been talking about a chaturbate lounge chat room since the beginning. Members were asking me about a Lounge style chat room for chaturbate where members can chat with other members and not the models. So i made a post in one of my blogs about features members would like to see and took a poll. Well the response was staggering and almost unanimous. 
Nearly 80% of live adult webcam members want to see a lounge style members chat room. Members want to be able to watch the free cams as a guest, or member. But chat with only members in another chat room. Similar to the Myfreecams lounge. Up until now MFC has been the only adult webcam site with a lounge video chat room. It has always been one of the biggest draws to MFC because it is the only cam site with a lounge. It usually has as many normal chatters in it as the top webcam at the time. So if the top live cam show on MFC has about 1000 people in it. Than the lounge chat-room probably has about that many as well. But there is one down side to the Myfreecams lounge. It is only for premium members. basic members and guests can’t enter. 
Now Guests, Basic members, or premium members can chat in a lounge style chaturbate chat room. Right here we are calling it “The chaturbate lounge”. Now members can chat with other members about the action that they are watching on the live cam. On one side is the embedded “IRC Chat-Room” and on the other side is the featured live sex cam show from chaturbate. Which almost always has a supreme public show going on where you can see anything from anal sex and blowjobs to squirting, masturbation and toy shows. Their are no restrictions on chaturbate’s cams such as :no men or no couples like MFC has. Chaturbate allows anyone to broadcast even you can broadcast yourself. There is no cost and there is not even a verification process unless you want to be paid for broadcasting. Then you would just need to fill out the broadcaster verification form and you can receive tokens as tips, as well as make private sex shows.
The chaturbate lounge was created to be a completely uncensored chat room. Anyone can join. And anything goes. Chat about the live cam show that is going on. Chat about your life. Tell us about your big cock if you want (We know it’s actually tiny). This is no holds barred adult chat. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Great sexual fun but does it make me a hooker

Great sexual fun but does it make me a hooker

The night of the dinner was as bizarre, but much more sexual, than the prelude. I was collected from my hotel and driven to one of the most elegant hotels in central Paris close by the Tuillerie Gardens. Michel’s ‘room’ was a huge suite and I found him sitting at a desk working on his notebook. He greeted me affectionately and told me that my dress was in the bedroom to the right. For a moment I thought that he was a total gentleman and that I had my own room – not so! Anyway I went in search of my outfit and was delighted by what I found. I decided to take a shower and begin to dress for the dinner. When I fastened up the corset I realized that it had been altered in a delightful fashion. The bra was reduced to a small lacy platform that lifted my breasts but exposed my nipples. The garment was slightly shorter so that it stopped just above my pubic mound and the garter straps were gone. When I pulled on my lacy top tan stockings it all fit perfectly. One item was missing however – no panties!

I decided I owed Michel the courtesy of approving the first part of the outfit he had paid for. When I stood in the doorway and asked if he liked what he saw he called me to him and had me parade in front of him at his desk. He was delighted. He playfully slapped my bare butt and asked me to get him a scotch from the bar. As I prepared his drink there was a knock at the door and a small voice announced room service. Michel called to me that my champagne had arrived and I should let the young man in. When I looked at him he smiled and motioned me to open the door. The young guy must have been about 18, and his eyes almost popped when he saw a woman his mother’s age standing in front of him in a sexy garment with everything exposed.

I stood to one side and asked him to put the tray on the large desk where Michel was sitting. Michel milked the moment by making the young man open the bottle, pour the lovely liquid and then offer it for my approval. I give him credit for the way he recovered from his initial shock and he now relished the occasion. He brought the glass to me and managed to maintain eye contact until I took a sip. As I raised the glass to my lips he eyes dipped to enjoy the view on offer, lingering over my perfectly smooth mound. I decided to join the fun by telling the young man to wait while I found a tip for him. As I walked to the bedroom I just knew he was watching my butt swaying. While I looked in my wallet for a bill I turned to face him so that he had a long relaxed view of me across the room. When I returned to him he made no attempt to hide his gaze, and I like to think there was a nice bulge in his pants before I showed him to the door.

Dinner itself was uneventful until people adjourned to a terrace for some air, and being France to smoke!! Michel was in conversation so I wandered to the far end of the terrace that overlooked Rue de Rivoli to enjoy the passing parade below. A minute later a sexy French voice greeted me. When I turned I found an impossibly good looking man in front of me. His name was long and Gallic but he told me that everyone called him Jonny. He complimented me on my appearance and knew that I was with Michel. When he asked if I was happy with my dress I began to suspect he knew a lot more. Eventually after I told him I loved my dress and described the lovely little store where I had found it he laughed and admitted that the business was his and he knew all about my evening shopping spree. When he confessed that the lady in the store was his mother I wondered what detail she had shared with him. Suddenly I was a little hot and feeling more that a little interested in this guy. His next question made me even hotter: he asked if I approved of the changes he had made to my corset.

I told him I loved it which led to him asking if he could see how well it fit. We were only 15/20 feet from the other guests so I turned slightly towards him and told him to go ahead. He knew that my dress had a simple fastening at the waist which he popped and slowly opened my dress. In the cool night air my nipples were rock hard and I shivered slightly as he studied my body. He refastened my dress, told me he was very happy with his work, and even happier with the mannequin. 

The formal dinner had finished so when we returned to the dining room Jonnie sat next to me at Michel’s table. As we talked one guy kept staring at us and Jonnie told me he was Michel’s oldest friend. He added that Michel was hoping that I would tease his friend before the night was over. I asked Jonnie where he fitted into the evening and he told me that Michel loved to watch couples and record the action if they agreed. I had a feeling that I now knew how the rest of the night was planned to pan out!!

I have to say that I was at first annoyed at what Michel had schemed but figured I’d go with the flow and see what happened. Eventually the staring guy came to our table, introduced himself and asked if he could join us. I decided to play along with the night’s agenda so crossed my legs allowing my dress to fall open from the waist. My legs were exposed to my lacy stocking tops and beyond. When he lifted the hem of my dress I made no attempt to stop him so he peeled back each side of the garment as if opening drapes. When he was happy how exposed I was he just sat back in his chair and studied me in silence. I decided to bring this part of the evening to a conclusion by uncrossing my legs and spreading my thighs. He still remained silent as he studied my body. After a minute or so of exhibiting my sex to the older man Jonnie whispered it was time to call it a night.

When we got to the suite Michel was already waiting wearing a robe that barely covered him seated at his desk. I needed the bathroom so removed my lovely dress and decided to remain in my corset for whatever was left of the night. Both men appreciated my decision when I returned to the lounge and Michel pointed to a glass of champagne sitting on the corner of the coffee table. As he explained what he would like to happen over the next few hours I straddled the fat arm of a leather couch. The coolness of the black leather between my thighs was quite delicious as I sat straight backed pressing my pussy tight against the material. It was quite strange as this man (almost unknown to me) discussed whether I would be willing to have sex with Jonny while he watched and recorded it.

Jonny was seriously handsome so having sex with him would be a pleasure. Michel watching us was also fine by me. He had just spent a lot of money dressing me for the night, and I also didn’t mind the idea of having sex with him even though he was really overweight. What I wasn’t having was a video of me floating around the web!!
In the end I agreed that he could take stills with his digital camera and I would have final word on which he could keep.

Jonny had watched our ‘negotiation’ while leaning against the desk and I was very conscious of his lovely body and his penis growing as he studied me. When we had agreed how the night would unfold he told me that my underwear was far too lovely to wear while fornicating. He stood behind me and began unfastening my sexy garment. In moments I was naked aside from my stockings. Jonny turned me sideways on the arm of the couch and knelt between my legs studying my open lips. I asked him to bring me off first with his mouth and then he could do anything for the rest of the night. The couch had several oversize cushions so I threw two behind me and just collapsed onto them. I was now spread over the arm with legs splayed wide and my pussy pushed upwards on offer to Jonny. Before I reached a very rapid orgasm as he explored every crevice and opening I was vaguely aware of the first flashes of Michel’s camera. His erotic record of the night had started.

When I recovered I had rolled off the couch and was half kneeling on the floor. As I looked up Jonny’s delightful cock was waiting only inches from my face so it was natural to take him in my mouth. I enjoyed him for a few minutes before he guided me to my feet and into the bedroom.

We climbed onto the huge bed, assumed the 69 position and soon relaxed into a lovely rhythm. He was very good with his fingers. With his delicate touch he could play with my anus delightfully, and his mouth on my sex was wonderful. I was only vaguely aware of Michel’s camera quietly clicking and flashing away and had no idea how intimate the shots were. At one point he came into my field of vision and I could see he was now naked. Given his size it was difficult to see his penis. From hundreds of visits to nudist beaches I knew that excess weight often seems to accompany a tiny penis which I still don’t understand. As I watched Michel move and take pic after pic I was aware of Jonny gently spreading my thighs and entering me. I was now completely aroused by the whole scene. I had this beautiful man fucking me in an amazing hotel room while a guy waited his turn to enjoy his time with me as he photographed the whole thing. I came really quickly and very hard as Jonny fought to hold off his own eruption.

My orgasm seemed to be the signal for Michel to take his turn. Jonny slipped from my dilated pussy and left from one side of the huge bed as Michel joined me on the other side.

He was flat on his back lying in the 69 position as I recovered from my orgasm. I propped myself up on my right arm and caressed his penis. He was only 3 – 4” long but was very thick with a large purple knob, and he was nicely erect. I liked his relaxed attitude to his physical condition so asked him if he wanted me to take control and he confirmed he would love that. I leaned over his large gut and took his erection in my mouth. He smelled of expensive cologne and teasing him like this was fun. As he moaned with pleasure I straddled his face so that he could see my sex wide open from Jonny, then I lowered my labia to his waiting mouth. I liked the way he pleasured me but wanted to remain in control and continue the tease. As I was about to change position I realised that our reflection was caught in a huge elaborate mirror over the dressing table. Even though Michel was so large I found it very erotic to see myself with him. I remained straddled over his face and returned to sucking his erection. He was now thrusting into my mouth and I knew he would cum soon if I didn’t cool him down a little so I left his erection and knelt directly over his face. I told him to watch me closely as I masturbated for him. He groaned again with pleasure as I began a slow circular movement with my fingers. As he watched my actions I watched the whole scene in the large ornate mirror. It was so very erotic that I couldn’t hold off more that 2 or 3 minutes before I climaxed and sat right down on his face.

When I recovered I told Michel that his time had come, and sucked him gently until he was fully erect again. Then I mounted him and slowly rode him to his own climax. He ejaculated inside me after only 3 or 4 minutes as he held me tight by my hips, and was thrilled about our time together.

As he subsided towards sleep he told me that I should now go service Jonny. He was waiting. That was an amazing pleasure. His technique matched his beautiful appearance. My clit was still sensitive and I wasn’t sure that he would enjoy eating me in my current condition so I teased and sucked him for a long time. He did enjoy exploring my open tunnel and brought me to orgasm again with several fingers buried to the hilt inside me. It was by now very late and I was beginning to fade so I told him to hold me and enter me in the spoon position. I love sex like this when I’ve already climaxed and am feeling very mellow. He took me slowly and long in this relaxed position. I enjoyed him spreading my cheeks and teasing my anus. When my orgasm arrived he pushed tight into my tunnel and slipped a finger deep in my tight little opening. That was enough for him to cum deep inside me a few moments later.

When I woke the following morning I was still in Jonny’s bed, and could smell coffee. I wandered sleepy and naked into the lounge to find both men enjoying breakfast. My clothes were in Michel’s room so I kissed them both and went to shower. I smelt delightfully of sex!

Another gift awaited me on the bed. A beautiful tan colored leather weekend bag stood among the wrecked bedding. It contained designer jeans, blouses, sexy ankle boots, underwear, every type of hose a girl could want and a lovely leather purse.

Michel’s driver took me to the airport for the afternoon flight to the UK, and my waiting husband. As we enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant I told him in detail what had happened and enjoyed fondling his erection under the table. The final surprise was his however. As we lay in bed after he had enjoyed his turn with me he told me that he thought I looked beautiful in the corset, and the young bell hop must have jerked off as soon as he got out the door. When I looked at him confused he chuckled and asked if I recalled that Michel had been ‘working’ at his notebook. When I just nodded he laughed aloud and informed me that the webcam had been on and my own husband had been playing voyeur on the other end. My sluttish behaviour on the couch and the delightful orgasm with Jonny was all part of our private porno show. It was part of the deal he and Michel had struck on the first night we met.

So I had performed numerous sexual acts with two strangers and been rewarded with at least $2000 of gifts. Maybe it did make me a hooker for the night, but it was great fun, and if asked again I would do it in a heartbeat!!

Alex x